Sales, Signings & Pre-Orders

Whenever I open up WordPress and prepare to write a post, I find myself asking the same question…’why has it been so long since the last one?’ The honest answer? I have no idea.

So, here you have the first post of 2015 – a little bit of everything that’s happening in the first quarter of this year.

First up…everyone likes a sale, right? (Except for the post-Christmas ones – I’d rather extract my own teeth than dive into those sales). In the run-up to the release of Revival, book 2 of the Twisted series, Survival, the first instalment is on sale, at 99p/99c, available from Amazon worldwide.




It’s on sale for a limited time only, so download it now, while it’s a third of the usual price.

Revival Ebook

Revival (Twisted #2) 

Curtis tells his story on January 16th, 2015.

Add to Goodreads today!

I’m lucky to have been invited to sign at four events in the UK this year. 2016 holds the possibility of a US tour, as well as others in the UK. I’ll keep you updated!

Events for 2015:
The Peterborough Author Event 2015, with Orchard Book Club, March 2015
The British Book Affair, London, April 2015
Tattooed Bad Boys, York, April 2015,
Second City Signing Birmingham, July 2015

All information can be found on the events and pre-orders page

You can place your paperback orders for Peterborough, London and York here
Please take note of the closing date for placing your orders. I will be taking books with me, but the numbers will be limited. The best way to make sure you receive the books is to pre-order, or purchase from Amazon (re the Twisted series: Survival will be back up in the next 10 days and Revival will be available shortly after release)

The third book in the Twisted series is tentatively planned for an April release. It will NOT be available for the Peteborough or London signings, but MAY be available in time for York. Again, I’ll keep you updated.
For those of you asking about the Seaside series, it is still a WIP and has no release date, as yet. I’ll post more information when the first draft is complete and the editing process begins. Many of you who followed my Blogger page will know there are five stories in Secrets of A Seaside town; we see Jenna and Deacon in the first few months of their new life together, Jonas and Grace, Bradley and Rachel, Emma, and Esteban and Mindy. As always in Folquay, the lives of the characters overlap and their stories intertwine, and there will be a few surprises, a few tears, plenty of steamy scenes and familiar faces returning to conclude their stories.
Don’t know what I’m talking about?
Check out the (cliffhanger-free) first instalment, Second Chance Hero.

The Twisted Series


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