Mine: Body & Soul, by Cameron Lincoln : Review

It is always a pleasure to not only read Cameron Lincoln’s work, but to review it. Cam makes enjoying poetry so easy, and reviewing it difficult; there’s so much to interpret, so much I want to say. But I love a challenge, so here goes…
I picked up Mine: Body & Soul on Friday evening, and a bottle of wine later, it was read. I loved it and couldn’t put it down – not for a second.

Like all of Cam’s work, and the man himself (he’s sweet, charming, loveable and those eyes? *swoon*), it’s impossible not to be captivated.
He writes with passion and soul – he writes from the heart (and other places!), and his poetry is simply superb.


Take a poetic journey into the realms of sensation, thought, and passion.

Mine: Body & Soul is a collection of Cameron Lincoln’s poetry, 32 two pieces exploring desire, lust, sensuality, emotion, identity, friendship and love.


Five Stars


Mine: Body & Soul is split into two sections. The first, Body, transitions to the second, Soul, fluidly and takes your mind steadily with it.

This section instantly had me hooked. It was sweet and spicy, raw and tender, passionately erotic and stunningly exquisite. Cameron captures lust and sensuality in just a few lines, transporting you to a sweet love making scene, or a primal, animalistic f***; each and every poem different and spellbinding.
I said it in my review for Perfect Pleasures – I don’t usually pick a favourite, but I have to in this case. Watch out for Fluidity. Just take my word for it; it had my jaw falling slack, my throat dry and my fingernails digging into my Kindle. If there’s one thing you do, read Fluidity. And then read it again. And again. It will get you every time.

“I’ll starve you of the thing you need,
Make your senses spin.
You gasp and beg and writhe,
Choking on your sin.

With one hand I control,
Beneath it you submit.
To your submission I’m devoted,
To my mastery, you commit.”



Simply put, Cameron writes from the soul – it’s evident in every poem, verse and line. He captures emotion beautifully. He strips the soul bare and pours it onto the page in lines of enchanting poetry; the good, the bad and the ugly. Each poem makes you think, reflect and feel.
Cameron Lincoln doesn’t just write about any old soul – he touches yours. He writes poetry directly to it, bringing to life the pain and longing and passion he portrays. It isn’t just words on a page, it’s words to the very core of your being – the anguish, the conflict; the passion, the strength and the love.

“And I know,
The only home I ever need
Is you.”

Without you here


Mine: Body & Soul is another collection that was a pleasure to read. A page-turning must-read. He takes your mind, body and soul on an intricately woven poetic journey and you won’t regret buying it and immersing yourself into the awe-inspiring creative mind of Cameron Lincoln.

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